All of the information on this website is intended to answer your questions about the University of Florida’s online Master of Science in Pharmacy with a concentration in  Clinical Pharmacy (MSCP) program. On this page you’ll find quick answers and suggestions on how to get more detailed information.

Why is the program only for residents in European countries?

This program is more geared for international students who do not have the opportunity to complete the Pharm.D. and who have not been exposed to clinical pharmacy during their degree program.

Which European Countries of Residence are approved?

Austria Cyprus Finland Hungary Lithuania Poland Slovenia United Kingdom
Belgium Czech Republic France Ireland Luxembourg Portugal Spain
Bulgaria Denmark Germany Italy Malta Romania Sweden
Croatia Estonia Greece Latvia Netherlands Slovakia Switzerland

I am not a computer expert; can I do this?

Yes. We realize that some students are computer novices; therefore, the University of Florida provides technical support for its students. In addition to assistance from the MSCP program staff and your Program Coordinator, the University provides technical support via telephone as well as by email.

Will I earn the same degree that on-campus students earn?

Yes. The University of Florida awards the same accredited degree regardless of the delivery method: the traditional campus-based program or the online program.  Your diploma will be the same diploma that is conferred to on-campus students.

How long will it take to earn my MS in Clinical Pharmacy?

The online Master of Science in Pharmacy with a concentration in Clinical Pharmacy curriculum is 6 trimesters (36 credits) and if all courses are taken in sequence, it can be completed in about two years.  Note that students have up to seven years to complete coursework.  Coursework taken as a nondegree student is also part of the seven year time-frame. If the degree is not completed within seven years the coursework taken prior will expire.

I have a busy work & family life & cannot attend classes each week. Is this program for me?

Yes, our program is one of the most flexible and convenient master’s level programs you will find. The convenient MS in Clinical Pharmacy program is designed to bring the courses to you. You can complete most of your studies at your convenience in the comfort of your own home or workplace, and you do not have to put your career on hold or relocate your family to attend classes. All program content is either accessed online or sent directly to your home. You should expect to spend about 10 hours per week on course material.

Online learning vs. campus-based degrees: will my diploma say “online?”

Students who graduate from the University of Florida MSCP program will receive the same prestigious degree as students completing on-campus programs. Your master’s degree diploma will be identical to that of an on-campus graduate.

What are the computer requirements for participation in the MSCP program?

To participate in the online MSCP program you will need a PC computer system with current specifications. View the Computer Requirements for the M.S Pharmacy- Clinical Pharmacy program.

Will the Master of Science in Pharmacy degree qualify me to obtain a license to practice pharmacy?

No. The Master of Science in Pharmacy degree does not lead to dispensing rights. Rather, the program provides expertise and credentials in areas of clinical pharmacy and patient care practice.

Is relocation required?

No. All courses are taught online in live interactive classrooms during evening hours to accommodate the working professional student.

Can I take longer than 2 years to complete the program ?

Yes. Many students spread out the coursework over 3 or 4 years. After taking the core clinical skills courses in your program, you may take any course you want at any time the course is offered.  Students have up to seven years to complete coursework.  Coursework taken as a nondegree student is also part of the seven year time-frame. If the degree is not completed within seven years the coursework taken prior will expire.

How will I be graded?

Generally, grades are based on class participation, written assignments, quizzes and performance on a midterm exam or project and the final course exam or project. While there is no restriction on grades allowed for each class, the Graduate School does require a cumulative 3.0 GPA throughout the program in order to meet academic progress requirements.

Since the courses are held all three trimesters – spring, summer and fall – can a student enter the program at any time that a course is beginning?

Yes, entry points for the programs are in either Fall (late August), Spring (early January) or Summer (mid April) terms.

What are the months for Spring, Summer and Fall trimesters?

Spring:  January to May

Summer:  May to August

Fall:  August to December

What is the deadline for admission?

Please check the “Critical Dates” for all deadlines

What is required for the admission process?

Apply online by completing the UF Graduate School application ($30 application fee required.)  Please see our Applications page for other required application materials.

What is the cost of the program?

Tuition for the Online MSCP program is $425 per credit hour.

Are there additional costs besides tuition?

Students will be expected to obtain some textbooks, but most of these are available free of charge online through the University Library.  Additional travel costs may occur dependent on the clinical practice experience site chosen by the student.

What is the total cost of the program?

36 credit hours, $425 per credit hour, equals $15,300.00 total tuition cost.

What disability resources are available at the University of Florida?

The University of Florida strives to provide effective, reasonable  accommodations for students, staff, faculty and visitors with disabilities.

Student classroom accommodation and other resources may be available by contacting the program administration at (352) 273-7605 and through the Disability Resource Center, the ADA Compliance Office.

Newly admitted students in need of accommodations related to participation in coursework should contact program administration upon admission to the program, or at minimum of two weeks prior to the start of classes.